Hello guys/girls,

I have ran cycles before however i haven't ran a cutting cycle until now and would like as much feedback as possible; whether it be positive or negative feedback. Every bit of information helps me improve my cycle set up and knowledge.

My stats:
6"6' (199cm)
242 pounds (110kg)
Body fat% 18

Here is what i have planned:

12 week Cycle

Test P (inj) 100mg/eod (week 1-12)
Tren A (inj) 75mg/eod (week 7-12)
EQ? worth it? 2 x 200mg per week (week 1-8)
Anavar (tabs) 50mg/ed (week 7-12) or (week 1-6)

T3 taper 25/50/75/100/75/50/25mcg

Cycle Support

Caber 1mg per week @ 2x 0.5mg
Letrozole .25mg ED (for GH effects/fatty tissue reduction) or aromasin 6.25mg ED?
Proviron 25mg ED
HCG 500iu per week @ 2x 250iu starting week 3
liv 52 ED


Clomid 4 weeks (5 if needed)

I have a few questions also. What are your thoughts on:

is EQ worth running?
Is a low dose of Letro still too harsh or use Aromasin?
Is Clomid enough for PCT with no Nolva since i'm using a 19 nor steroid?
Should i use Caber through out the cycle or keep it on hand?
When is the best time to user the T3 taper, towards start or end of cycle?