figured I start to log this as its my first go with all of these. Help me keep track, get insight and provide it as well.


6 meals a day first 4 are high carb, I'm bulking until I reach my desired weight, as long as my abs are visible.

GHRP-2 250mcgs 3xday
IGF- 100mcgs/day currently preworkout maybe splitting it
Follistatin 100mcg a day for 10 then off for 10 or 20
I have some PEG MGF but I honestly don't know where I want to put it. Maybe for off days and not use the IGF maybe 8 hours post workout, undecided

So I started this yesterday with some Ipam and cjc 1295 W/O dac(mod grf really) from a contest. however the pain from it is so incredibly painful I wont be using it any longer and start the GHRP tomorrow.
everything reconstituted with bac water. The LR3 comes in 100mcg vials so it wont go bad

Ill start follistatin tonight. hope its legit