Hello all,
I just got back my labs after three months. For 2.5 months I was at 160 and then for the last two weeks before my test, my doctor decided to up my dose to 180. Well after my test results, he was on vacation and another doctor from another LowT center looked at my results and it was: Total Test, 490mg/dL and my free test was: 13.2. He told me that my free should be 15-20ng/dl and he up'd my dose to 240. My Estradiol was good at 26.2pg/ml. The only thing that I saw that was high, but normal was my Hemoglobin was 17.3g/dl (norm is 12.6-17.7) and my
Hematicrit was 50.9% (norm 37.5-51.0). Everything else was at the low area. My PSA was at 0.22ng/dl and that was in the low area as well. That doctor did not say how long I would be on 240. I am sure that when my regular doctor gets back, he might lower the dose. But, I will have to see.