I have been running mlg test e 250 and tren e 200 every third day. and d-bol 50mg ed after the 4th week I decided to go get some blood work done just to see where I was at. for all the haters out there that say mlg is fake. Think again. normal test levels range from 2.5- 11.5 my total test levels where at 25.3 ng/ml after 4 weeks. the average range for free test is 9.0 - 47.00. my free test was at 50.00 pg/ml. the blood work was from TRICORE labs.

Since day one of dealing with the pound I have had nothing but great service from them. If you run into any problems with the order they will fix it. When you order with mlg you are going to get great products and they always do u right. The pound Is the place to be if you want great products, and service.

Thanks to the pound for what you guys have done to keep everything on the level. you have a dogg for life.