Hey guys what do you think about adding 25mg to 50mg of Tren Ace ED the last 6-8 weeks of a cycle of SUS250 at 500mg a week week 1-8 and then 750mg SUS250 a week 9-16? Main goals are recomp, yes i believe diet is what mainly dictates how you recomp but Im really going after that hard dry veiny look, maybe add 5lbs of pure lean mass, but i've never tried Tren and always hear about the bad sides so i would rather run it low for my first time. Do you think i would need Prami or Caber at this low a dose? And if so what dose? I have Prami on hand and would need to order Caber, I also have plenty of Adex.

The only other thing i got advice about was possibly adding T-Bol 50-80mg ED but i don't know what weeks to add it in. The reason i picked 6-8 weeks for the Tren is because i heard its better to use at the end of a cycle for a shorter period.