Hey guys I have a question, well 2 really. Fist off I've noticed over the years that in the beginning of a cycle I want sex 10 times a day but by the end, not so much . Currently I am running 400mg test cyp split twice a week and 100mg test prop EOD. During the first 1/2 of this cycle my wife was loving it!! Sex 2-5 times a day with incredibly intense orgasms. Now I'm 5 weeks into this cycle and like always my sex drive has crashed. I have almost no interest in sex and its almost impossible for me to cum. So fist question is could this be due to progesterone? I don't have a high sensitivity to estrogen as I rarely have to run any arimidex and gyno is non existent. That brings me to question number 2. If this is progesterone what can I do to mitigate it? This shit sucks .

Stats 35 220lbs %12 bf cycling for 3 years.

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