Aight fellas,I'm 24 years old about 185 pounds. Pretty stocky and built, naturally thanks to gene's in not lean but stocky.idk if that would insinuate I have a naturally higher test level than most!? Which might relate to my in unprovoked issue with Gino...
I have taken plenty if cycles over the year's and I'm always prone to get gyno. I also had issues whith gyno as a teenager while going thru puberty yet understand its typical to to develop knots in the breast at that stage.
Right now its mild/not noticeable I do not have bitch tits! Lol it started out in my right breast ass a small knot the size of a bb then has grown slightly larger and spread to my left over the past week and a half.
As of December I've been going thru a divorce I had quit working out months prior and had gained about 15 pounds. Since then I'm back in the gym lost 20 pounds I am training hard, yet lost that weight in a month and 1/2 mostly from stress and not eating (stay'd natty, only taken jacked and protein no boosters). I'm back eatin yet haven't trained much in 3 weeks due to my new schedule.the mess I take are aderall and som type of antidepressant/ anger outburst med! I've always been on the addy since a child! Started the anti depressant in December and stop taken about three weeks before the gyno shows up.
Why the fuck is this gyno randomly showing up! I have some CEM tamox laying around and plan to use it today! Should I use standees pct protocol on the dosage even thow I haven't ran any gear!? Please give me advice and resin why this is an issue!?