How to Maximize
Prohormone Cycle Gains
So you're about to start your cycle or you just got it going, either way, you need to maximize your cycle to get the most strength, size, muscle, and results possible. Here are the tips and rules to follow to lower the sides and up the gains throughout your cycle.

1. The importance of On Cycle Support can not be expressed enough. You are putting a harsh compound (a prohormone) into your body and it will have its effects (not good ones). On Cycle Support will assist in protecting you body from this harshness. You will need to help your liver, kidneys, blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate, etc. This is why I recommend:

Advanced Cycle Support
The Cadillac of Support Supplements, packed with a ton of ingredients that you will need during your cycle. The best On Cycle Money can buy. The best ingredients available on the market today have gone into this Advanced Cycle Support, hence the name. If you are running a serious cycle and you care about your body then this is the only choice.

2. Your diet is crucial and you will need to change it up to accommodate your prohormone choice as well as your ultimate goal. With all prohormones you will need to not only up your water intake to at LEAST 1.5 gallons (192oz) per day, but also up your caloric intake substantially. This goes for during your cycle as well as after during your post cycle as well. Many people do not realize this and as a result lose a good amount of their gains because their body is not receiving enough fuel throughout their cycle and pct. Also if your choice is to bulk then you will need take approximately 1.5 grams of protein, and 2 - 2.5 grams of complex carbohydrates (not simple sugars) per pound of LEAN body weight. For example, a person with 200lbs of LEAN body mass, would require 300g of Protein and 400 - 500 grams of complex carbohydrates daily. You can do the math for your own weight. Many people can not eat more then 60 grams of protein (depending upon the sources) in one sitting so split it up accordingly. Also this should go without saying, eat quality and eat clean.

3. Make sure your workouts are appropriate for your ultimate cycle goal. For example if you are trying to bulk up do not do 20 reps of light weights and if your trying to cut don't do 6 reps of the heaviest weight possible. You will need to push your workouts further while on cycle. Your recovery time will increase significantly when on cycle and you will not need the same amount of time you are used to get back in the gym. Most people when cycling will go to the gym 5-7 times a week. You should be pushing yourself harder and longer in the gym. Your strength will increase as well so accommodate that in your choice of how much weight to push. These types of workouts need to continue during the post so you can keep your gains. So work hard and push further than you have before and when the dust settles you will be truly happy!

4. Are you taking a dry gainer like Epi-Tren, Epi-Andro M-Sten, Halo Extreme, etc..? Then you will need joint support! This is crucial! Your will have ache super dry joints. Do not let this happen to you. There is an easy fix. This is our complete Joint Support product:

Flex Rx

5. A Solid Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil will greatly assist your body.
If you are going to put a prohormone in your body and you are going to push yourself in the gym constantly your going to put a strain on your body! So to off set this you can take a solid Multi Vitamin like our Multi Rx, specifically designed for Athletes to help you. As far as fish oil is concerned they help with your skin, nails, hair and joints as well as cholesterol levels. All important in your everyday and even more important when cycling.

Multi Rx

Essence EFA

6. Are you running a cutting cycle? Many people add a fat burner to increase their results. The proper fat burner will help you have more energy and lean out in the tough areas all while building the proper muscle from the prohormone cycle. The best time to take a fat burner is 15-30 minutes before you workout to give you the edge you need to push harder when working out. Here's our best fat burner to be coupled with your cutting cycle!

LeanFuel Extreme

7. Amino Acids-Your body is experiencing a transformation and to go through it, a serious amount of effort on your bodies part is put in. Amino Acids help preserve your muscles by preventing muscle break down and will put you and your body in a positive state. In a body that lacks the proper amount of amino acids, ones body will feed off the muscles as a fuel source. You can prevent this by maintaining the proper amino acid levels in your body, and supplementing with IronMagLabs Complete Protein, with 10 sources of quality protein, you'll get all the Aminos you need.

Complete Protein Rx

8. Lastly, Have Fun! This is about you becoming a stronger person who achieves goals when they are set. This is a fun journey!

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