hey guys so basically I have a cycle all set up. Stats first as per forum proceedure:

BW: 173lbs

Hgt: 5'10"

BF: 10-15%

AAS Experience: none, 2 cycles prior; 1 of helladrol 1 of msten(orals)

For whatever reason in the past, I have had significant trouble maintaining/holding onto gains with prohormones. I was considering running 5 weeks BalkanPharm Danabol to kickstart this 10 weeker of TestCyp but after reading some SDMZ3.0 reviews I am highly reconsidering, especially since it would be much easier to get my hands on the SDMZ3.0. My diet is solid: 3.5-4K of 40:40:30 self prepared food without all the anal exact gram measuring that I dont have time in my day for(I would if I had the time though lol). The goal for this cycle is BULK, clean as is gets without being unrealistic. I would like mostly dry gains, but as a hardgainer I will take what I can get. I can stand to gain a little bloat if necessary to add muscle, if youre a hardgainer you will understand my frustration of eating soo damn much and still having a rough time bulking. Especially if you have to work and go to school. But I digress, my questions are as follows; which oral would yeild more muscle mass gained after PCT, and kept, SDMZ3.0 or Dana? Also, would I have to PCT for the oral as well ass the test, or simply run one PCT at the end of my test cycle? I have all the necessary OCT and PCT for both the oral and the test. Thanks for the advice and I appologize for the long read!