Just wondering if anyone here has run a short 8-10 week cycle like this with good/fast recovery. I'd love to see bloodwork as well, but I know I'm asking for a lot. Really just taking a shot in the dark.

Never used NPP, ran Deca once. I'm thinking that if I was to run something like...

weeks 1-8: Test P at 100-150mg eod
weeks 1-6: NPP at 100-150mg rod
Aromasin and or Caber as needed
HCG mixed in during cycle (haven't thought much about how yet)

PCT: Clomid and Aromasin

that recovery "shouldn't" be too bad even with a nandrolone but I could be completely wrong. My main goal would be mainly to recomp, possibly put on 5-10lbs of solid muscle, and to take advantage of the increase in collagen synthesis with NPP.