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Darkhrse99's Testosterone Quest!

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    Darkhrse99's Testosterone Quest!

    I'm starting a new journal that I will be updating for this rest of the year. I will be on test and hope to make some awesome gains this coming year!

    Weight 188.8


    Standing db curls

    1x10 20lbs
    1x10 25lbs
    1x10 30lbs
    1x10 35lbs

    Preacher curls on machine

    1x20 70lbs
    1x20 100lbs
    1x10 115lbs

    Bicep curls with rope

    1x20 50lbs
    1x20 70lbs
    1x10 90lbs
    1x10 110lbs

    Across the chest hammer curls

    1x10 25lbs
    1x10 30lbs
    1x10 35lbs1x10 40lbsOverhead extensions w/db's

    1x20 50 lbs
    1x12 70 lbs
    1x12 80 lbs

    Tricep extensions w/ cable

    1x20 70lbs
    1x12 90lbs
    1x10 110lbs

    Tricep pushdowns with cable

    1x10 70lbs
    1x10 100lbs
    1x10 120lbs
    1x10 140lbs
    1x10 150lbs

    Arms went well last night. I tried to get the arm full of blood as much as I could and make my muscles burn. I felt pretty pumped after this workout!

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