My home State of Connecticut is having some major issues in the War on Firearms right now...

A few months ago, the State made it a law that certain firearms that are not registered, all have to be registered by a certain date, or the owners would face "felony" arrest...and it is considered a felony now that if you have certain firearms, even if purchased legally, if you are caught with these firearms you will be arrested and charged with a felony.

The problem is that the new law was a failure. Only a small percentage of firearm owners registered as they were "supposed to by law",meaning the new law.

So 2 new ideas have come about. Law makers wanted to enact the following:

1) All gun owners who have not registered to be visited by State Police and taken by force


2) A list of all gun owners who have not registered to be published in the Media to show where these people live, etc, etc...

As a result, Civil Liberties activists have now formed a list of the "legislators" who passed these laws and are now openly sharing their personal information on Social Media Sites such as facebook.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this situation as a whole??

Is anyone else seeing such things in their own State's as well??

This to me seems to be opening a whole new can of worms..and a dangerous one at that