So I've gradually ramped up to 225mg of sustanon ED while I tapered down the Tren A all the way down to 50mg ED until it was gone.

I've been feeling GREAT; if you're depressed, or your feeling like you've not been dominating vagina lately, try M's Sust pinned ED; I love this sh*t!; the pumps, and 24/7 pumped feeling are just like high-dosed dbol, it feels fantastic;

I like lowering one compound, then ramping another at the same pace because It takes away those 'weak days' when you drop your tren cold turkey;

I'm also running homemade capsules with 30mg of '19-norandrosta-4 9-diene-3 17-dione'(same as CEL X-Tren) & 10mg of Epistane per capsule; Been using em for about 1.5 week(s) now, I think the raws were g2g because I'm getting even drier even whilst running a generous dose of sust each week; running my sust about 225mg/ED.

I don't know if I really feel safe posting pics, but if someone thinks it's truly safe, I'll post a progress picture;

Deciding to trade my winny for some test just because It was drying me out ALOT, & that affected my tendonitis in my right elbow negatively; I couldn't really progress because of it; I'll keep my Sust @ 225 ED until I stop plowing forward, then I will taper down to a cruise; I'm thinking, 175mg Test E/week, 175 Test C/week, & maybe if my taxes come back in this century, I'll try that new(ish) Var out;

I also ordered something called Twisted Iron Supplements Hyperdrol (it's superdrol 10mgx100) from the UK;
They are a brand new company, so I figured I'd give em a shot cause I wanted to use SD again soon;
The Dragon Nutrition M1T I got straight from the offical re-seller listed on the site, was 100% bunk, there was no M1T in those capsules, there wasn't anything hormonal in those capsules; I joined one of their forums to call em out on their BS because others were saying their recent batches were bunk, and they were doing the "it's your diet, & training" thing; so I made a huge long essay with batch numbers, my receipt, my order number, my stats, diet, training, & they banned me from the site in the same day; lol stick with who you trust, don't bother with that company, they went sour according to their history.

P.S. anyone tried M's Nolva, or Adex?