Super DMZ 3.0 log

Starting Weight: 175 Height: 5' 7" I wanted body fat, but the lady that does it has not been around. Last time I had it measured around 13%.

Day 1: March 2nd
One capsule upon waking and one in the evening.

Back: 4 sets each

  • Pulldowns /Wide grip low pulley rows:
  • One arm T bar rows/ Hammer strength row machine.
  • Stiff arm pull downs


  • Bench press/ Dips
  • Incline Dumbell press/Cable crossovers
  • Flat flies/ pushups

? hour on treadmill running.
All reps vary on energy and mood. I follow the instinctive principle to the TEE! LOL!

First impressions and side effects:
I can?t say I saw much of anything first day of taking this. I did have some heartburn which is a rarity with me. The pump felt flat, but did not look it, if that makes any sense. I felt off all day mentally and physically, but I don?t think that had anything to do with the DMZ.

Dosages per day:
DMZ 3.0: 2 capsule one AM one PM
Talos and Aegis: 2 each twice a day
Herb tintures: Dandelion root, Red Clover blossom, reishi mushroom extract. Once a day.
Hawthorne extract capsules
Cayenne pepper capsules

Caloric intake will be just below maintenance or at maintenance. I am traveling for work couples days a week so it is hampering my ability to use this as a cut.
I will be playing this part by ear.