Hey IMF - I am starting my first PH Cycle today.
I will be taking Super DMZ 2.0 and 4-Andro RX for 6 weeks. I have heard great things about the DMZ so I wanted to give it a shot. I will post progress along the way but more importantly I will post beginning stats and ending results.

235 lbs
lifting for about 1 year steady but have been in good shape all my life.

(2) SDMZ tabs ED (10AM / 10PM)
(1) 4-Andro tab ED (1PM)
(1) milk thistle ED
the usual - 2 protein shakes daily, dialed in diet (3200-3600 calories day), vitamins (multi, C, B complex, Fish Oil)

prolly won't hit any PCT on this one. As soon as I complete this cycle I will be hitting a Test/Tren Cycle for 12 weeks

basically want to add a few more lean lbs and gain some strength over the next 6 weeks

I would appreciate any feedback or even some info on a SDMZ cycle that you have taken...