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Alright, so after a long month I finally got my hands on some samples, and I am nowhere near disappointed.

1. Classic Blend - Chocolate
Mixed it with 2% milk in a blender bottle. Gave it a really good shake too. Was initially disappointed because I saw some speckles on the cup that wouldn't clear up, but I quickly changed my mind when I took the first sip. Tasted light straight up chocolate milk, and it was completely dissolved. Easily one of the best mixing proteins I've ever used and definitely, without question, the best tasting. I ended up giving some in a cup to my brother and told him it was homemade cocoa, and he even thought it was perfect.

2. Natural Blend - Vanilla Dulce de Leche
Also mixed this with 2% milk but I had it for breakfast so there was a banana blended up in there too. Taste was superb. The vanilla wasn't too sweet and really had a desert-like taste to it. The banana could still be tasted, which was awesome because I'm used to sweeteners in protein shakes nuking anything I blend with them. Again, one of the best proteins I've ever tried (I liked the chocolate more, was never much of a vanilla guy, but this one would definitely be preferred with fruit), and considering that its super natural, the price tag definitely suits the product. This isn't your GNC/Muscle Max generic overpriced protein, it's like the Ferrari of the supplements world.

Proud to say I plan on putting in an order as soon as I get paid, this stuff is well worth it.
Divine for the win

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