We at Naps Gear would like to announce that once again we are runningour amateur nude girl contest.

The rules are simple. You submit a nude photo of an amateur girl that you know, and other members will vote and leave feedback on the photo, and the 7 photos that receive the highest rating by the deadline will receive $500 credit towards Naps Gear products!

The photos are completely uncensored, you may show anything you like, and also the comments will be uncensored, although we hope that members will be try to be respectful of one another and of the girls pictured.

We ask that you only use photos of girls you personally know, no photos off the internet please. To ensure this, photos submitted will need to include something saying "Naps Gear" and your user name to ensure that the photo is yours. You can have them hold a piece of paper with it written, have it lying next to them, or even have them write it on themselves if they wish.

The deadline for photo submissions will be June 16. We hope you decide to participate and look forward to seeing the results.

As always, thanks for your time and thanks for choosing Naps Gear.