Yep, another one of those.

Quick stats. 42, lifting steady for a couple years. 6'2", 210lbs probably around 14-15% BF. I've been through several bulk and cut cycles. The lean mass gains on the bulk cycles are diminishing, so I've started looking at seeing what a steroid cycle will do for me. I'm currently on a cut and have another 5-7lbs to go for my goal.

I know the general consensus seems to be just do a cycle of Test E and all the support to go with it. I haven't come to terms with doing injections, so I've been looking at oral. SFY has a beginner cycle that has D-bol, Tamoxifen and Clomid. Any thoughts on this? If I were to do this I assume it be best to wait till I'm back on a bulk cycle, correct? How does this compare to doing one of the pro-hormone stacks like a Halo or Super DMZ Stack?

I appreciate the help!