No question here, just stating an experience for others to learn from. Currently 4 weeks into a cycle of 600 mg test, 300 mg NPP weekly, 50 mg dianabol daily. Weight and strength have shot up.

12.5 mg aromasin daily.

Began to "bloat" - as in not getting fatter but still had to loosen the belt a notch.

A few days ago began having a bit of an erection issue.

So I began dosing aromasin twice a day (25 mg, 12.5 morning and 12.5 night) instead of once. Within 24 hours the erection issue went away. Within 48 hours the excess bloat went away (belt came back down a notch). There was also a visible difference looking at the abs in the mirror.

Just posting it up there as food for thought. I assumed that such a light cycle would be served well by 12.5 mg daily, but maybe the dianabol was just too much for that little bit of an AI.

The dianabol is going to stop in a few days, so maybe I will try cutting back on the ai after ceasing dianabol administration.