Wanted to log my igf-1 run this time (doing it a little different than last time). I ran some LR3 back in december and had some decent results. Definitely helped me put on some lbs. I was 230lbs around 8%. I have been running GHRP-2/CJC1295 no dac since then and to give you an update I am sitting right at 250lbs in the morning right out of bed. I am holding around 9-10% bf going off calipers. My last IGF-1 LR3 run I took about 40-50mcg/day. After talking to some people they talked me in to upping the dose and maybe adding in some IGF-1 DES. I am running 80mcg DES split bilaterally pre-workout and then 80mcg LR3 post. I am already up several lbs in the last 10 days with no change in diet! Starting tomorrow I will be slightly upping my carbs.

This is the part that shocked me.. I have heard about people feeling signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) from IGF-1 LR3, but I never experienced it during my first run with it at 40mcg. So the first day I started after the post wo LR3 (about 10 minutes or so) I started feeling dizzy and the normal signs of hypoglycemia. Luckily I have a glucometer at home. Tested the blood sugar and read at 39! Wow, it was indeed low. Guess that confirms the legitimacy of the products! 100g Carb meal fixed that problem and now back to growing! Anyone else experience this?