Lets take the time to discuss this. This will help us know better know what our customers find most effective for them plus get a few thinking about other steroids that might give better results. Time to discuss! I think I have a very interesting subject to address. We can all use this and we will all enjoy this! We all have knowledge on this subject too and thats why I think we can all help with this. When it comes to anabolic steroids all of them work in regards to physique enhancing. All of them help you gain muscle all of them will help you lean out, (some better than others). We know this because Dianabol can be used as a cutting drug because of its ability to give you good pumps, muscular gains, and help you maintain muscle during a calorie deficit. Now if your doing this with Dianabol you are going to want to use an anti estrogen. But other than that Dianabol can help work great as a cutting drug too. Winstrol on the other hand surpasses Dianabol greatly, well this is just from my experience and an anti estrogen is not needed but probably used because who runs Winstrol by itself? Most people will be using testosterone along with it and most people would be using an anti estrogen then to keep any side effects to a minimum. Now my question, and we want to hear theories, experiences, and ideas, is what anabolic steroids work best for you in terms of fat loss and muscular gains. You can add in your post what testosterone ester you use if you want. Ideally people would use Cyponiate and Enanthate. We are not asking about a cutting cycle either. We are talking about over physique enhancing and helping maintain it. Who likes to gain fat? Noone! We all want nice 6 pack, 8 pack abs. What works best to give you the lean hard look while trying to gain muscle. What works for some might not work for others. For example, I have heard of users preferring Winstrol over Anavar even though Anavar gives me great pumps, incredible fat loss, and next to no sides! I have had people favor Winstrol over Trenbolone for cutting and back and forth. So lets hear it everyone. What anabolic steroid is a staple drug for you to help you keep shape, stay hard, and stay lean and WHY?