Dear Athlete,

PSL and I want to bring to you the "Fountain of Youth Stack"

We are combining 3 products that used together that will yield a "Healthy Maximized Vibrant YOU"!

Men should use this in their mature years to assure they keep the muscle they had when they were young,
while at the same time maintaining a low body fat and most importantly healthy joints!!!

Athletes should also consider it as a "Bridge" to keep gains from a Big cycle.

All doses are on the mild end to assure less to no side effects for the long term,
and in fact may reverse sides accrued over time.

In the Stack You will use a 3 prong attack for health and a maximized version of the REAL YOU!!!

1, Manage estrogen. you do this by using low dose Aromasen, the best anti-estrogen money can buy.
2, Increase Collagen synthesis for healthy joints and good looking skin, you do this my using Mild Growth hormone 5 days per week.
3, Increase Lean Muscle Mass!!! You do this by using a Mild dose of Testosterone for great libido, and upped muscle mass.

14 week supply is very inexpensive!
Doses are as follows:

300 mgs Test Enanthate per week
3 IUs GH Mon-Fri
10 mgs Aromasen every other day

That equals 2 bottles Testosterone
200 IU GH
1 package Aromasen

Enjoy the comfort of knowing you are investing in a strong healthy you well into the future!