Hey Everyone,

So I am going to make a TO THE POINT log about my DMZ cycle. No fillers or b.s just the facts and what you want to know in case you want to try it out.

I am on day 6 of my cycle, 1 dose in the AM and another right before my workout. Im eating 3000 to 3500 cals a day. My workout is posted in another thread I posted which I will repost in here.

Day 1-6 Comments:

Didn't notice any strength gains till day 5 which came from nowhere lol.

My ON CYCLE supplements: 1 SDMZ cap in the AM with ACS by IMG and fish oil.

PCT is Ultra Male RX with E Control RX all by IMG.

1.) Pros: I maxed my bench out at 285 for 3 reps. Before I could only do it for barley 1 rep. I get crazy pumps, like my muscle was going to burst through my skin. Anyway, yea no noticeable gains till day 5,6. I look fuller as well.

2.) Side Effects: VERY MINOR heartburn. No backpumps yet, no decrease in testicle size, no head aches or dizziness either. So far so good. Also, no issue with my main man between my legs either, functions as it should, just like before.

Thats all I have right now...its only day 6. Told you, straight and to the point. Ill update as soon as I notice anything else. Im going to bump it up to 2 caps in the AM then 1 in the PM possibly.