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    I recently purchased some MT2 through BSP i was very excited when the post man arrived yesterday and delivered the package, The packaging was very nice plenty of bubble rap to keep the vials safe from damage.
    After opening inspected the product and noticed it looked a little different then the mt2 i have received from other sponsors it looked very high quality fluffy and just overall just looked good but we both know that looks alone don't necessarily mean the stuff is dosed correctly so at the moment there is a question mark on how good this stuff is .. although after reading through a log recently posted by a forum member "christian" i am not really concerned about how good this mt2 is i am pretty confident i am going to have great results his log was what actually made me purchase mt2 from BSP

    Ok lets get down to dosing

    yesterday i took one 1ml insulin syringe and drew up 1ml of injecting water i think its actually called sodium chloride anyway i slowly injected the water making sure not inject it directly onto the product shooting it towards the side of the vial the mt2 dissolved very quickly and i was happy to see that the mt2 was very clear no little floating particles like some of the other mt2 i have received from other suppliers i then took a new 1ml syringe and drew about 300mcg roughly .. would be around 3 units i then injected Sub Q injection went very smooth didn't have any nausea or sexual side effects maybe i did get a little tiny bit of flushing that lasted probably half a minute now today day 2 i injected 5 units (5mcg) injection went perfect half hour later i had a little wave of nausea was not bad at all didn't feel like i was going to spew or anything just felt a tiny bit queasy that came in waves every 10 mins or so only lasted around 1hr .. i plan on doing 1mg a day until desired color is reached i am undecided whether i will inject 1mg (10units) or inject .5mg again tomorrow ..

    A few side notes

    Type 1 skin , Have used mt2 in the past most recent use was 3 months ago still have a slight tan from my last use although i never got any where near as dark as i got from the first time i used this product a few years ago it was from a supplier called SRC actually the product looked kind of liked what BSP looks like so kind of excited that i will get really good results likek my first experience .

    BSP.. Packaging 10/10 , Email communication (10/10 , This is where they really shine i sent a few emails to them and both were answered with in 10 mins!

    Will update on on the product quality at the end of the log will also post pics
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