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    Post First order with TexxGears

    Hey guys. I have ordered 4 vials of ComboTexx 3 from them, I am going to write a detailed review after my cycle but i could not wait that long to write at least something about this source.
    I was very skeptical about choosing a source so i asked a friend (g0hardorgohome) he helped me so much and suggested me this source. Then i told okay i will consider it and went to their website. Customer service was online so i clicked to ask a few questions. Then story begins, I dont even get that fast and clear answers from my girlfriend. Their customer service is the best i have ever seen in my life and not only comparing steroid sources including any order i made in my life from any other websites too... He was extremely friendly asking how was my weekend and stuff that you feel like family with them. After a few days i decided to make my order on Texxgears, what happened is i placed my order on 25th and sent my payment information. I am not known by my patience. Thanks god they were lightning fast ! They shipped my order in the same day with my payment !
    Packaging was so discreet was such a b*tch to open Thanks god i got what i expected after some effort to rip the package off

    I havent started pinning yet but as soon as i start my cycle i am going to log it here So i cannot tell anything about gear's quality or the results i got so it is not officially a review but i am a happy camper so far I have nothing to say but perfect for this source. Here is some gear porn for you guys Everybody loves pics ! So do not hesitate to hit on REP

    Edit: Vials seemed to be a bit unequal and ahhh that discount couldnt be 10 days ago !?!?!!! Now there is %25 -_- its kind of annoying :/
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