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Need PCT advice please

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    Need PCT advice please

    I am on week 9 of a fairly low dose 10 week cycle made up up the following:

    100mg Tren weekly
    100mg Sust 250 weekly
    100mg Deca weekly

    I figured that a cycle this weak, I could get by only using tamoxifen and hcg for pct. The issue where it gets tricky is I have decided to make a second order and I want to skip PCT and slide right into the next 10 week cycle which looks like this:

    200mg Tren weekly
    200mg Sust250 weekly
    100mg Deca weekly

    Should I start taking arimidex now, and continue taking it all the way through the next cycle? My sex drive crashed this week, so I am thinking my estrogen is too high. Should I just end the cycle, do my pct, and then start up the second cycle after my hormone levels have returned to normal?

    What is best for maximum results?
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