Excited to get my next cycle started next weekend!

The basic cycle is 500mgs sust weekly, 600mgs primo weekly, along with proviron through out, 4week dbol kicker and sarms at the end. Total cycle length is about 16 weeks.

I plan to front load the test at 750mgs for the first 2 weeks before going down to the 500 mg level for the rest of the cycle. The first 4 weeks will also have between 30-50mgs of dbol daily, along with 50mgs of proviron.

I've never done mid cycle blood work before, but this time around I want to to compare my test numbers with my pre cycle numbers.

My question, given the start to the cycle as described above what's the best timing for when to get bloods done to ensure all my gear is good and seeing the increase in test levels?

I'm thinking the best time would be at 4 weeks in (about the time I'll stop the dbol) But looking for advice as I'm not sure if the longer esters in the sust would have fully kicked in by then.

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