Hello all,
I once again have a question. After talking to my doctor at the LowT center about trying to revamp my natural testosterone. He told me about HCG (that it would cost 200 dollars per vial), Clomid (way cheaper), and how my pituitary gland wasn't working right. That usage of these two over a few months might jump start my pituitary gland to work. I went home, told my wife what he said about it, and she thinks that he is just treating my symptom of my low T, with the injections only and not wanting to fix the cause by going that route with HCG and Clomid. That a doctor is supposed to do their best to fix what is wrong with the body, and not just treat the symptom. But, the question is: Do you think that my doctor is just treating my symptom, and not the cause of fixing the pituitary gland?

Thanks again.