I would just like to point out MG for MG means nothing. A milligram is a weight. People say fentanyl is 50-100 times stronger then morphine however oxycodon still kicks its ass in terms of euphoria. Yes it may take less to get similar results but everything has a dose respondent curve and I'm sure super potent shit like methyltren hits it pretty quickly. Ones it hits that point no matter how much more u take it wont give u any improvement in gains. it hits its Max. It's like someone weighing 100 pounds can bench 200 then never be able to get any higher, while u got some who weighs 150 but can bench 250. Yes percentage wise he's weaker but overall is not. This is kinda of a ramble as i hate seeing this shit. I am at pharmacy tech so when i Mumbo jumbo it gets my blood boiling.if anyone else would like to further elaborate please go ahead as i just wanted to get my point a crossed without typing a whole essay. Oh and things like bioavailability fall in to play as well. (When ur not talking about iv)