I am halfway through a 10 week cycle.

6 foot
219 (was only 204 when I started this time)

Currently on my fourth cycle.

I was completely off everything for 18 months before this fourth cycle, and now, halfway through my cycle, I am 219 pounds.

Wk 1-10 600 test e
Wk 2-9 300 NPP
Wk 3-6 dbol 50 mg daily

12.5 aromasin (bumped it to 25 mg for a while because of the dbol, but now back to 12.5 mg).

No HCG being used, although I have some.

In 6 weeks I have gone from 204 to 215. I am not sure where I will end up at 10 weeks, but my initial plan was to PCT, take 6 weeks off and then go into a cutting cycle. I have T3 and clen. Not sure yet what gear I will use yet, but I was considering test and primo. Lately, however, loving the way I feel on cycle after such a long break, I find myself daydreaming about just continuing the testosterone injections beyond the end of the cycle . . . maybe even at 300 mg a week . . .

Anyway, should I PCT and take a break for 6 weeks or should I just inject 150 mg per week for six weeks and then launch into the cut cycle?

(A) PCT, dude, at 46 you are way too young!


(B) Cruise, you old fart, you are going to be on TRT soon, anyway!

And if I cruise for 6 weeks before launching back into a cycle, should it be at 150 mg or some higher number? I have to say I was rather shocked to read swiper's thread, and thought maybe I should be cruising at higher doses if I want to keep some size.