Hello all

I am about to start my first cycle after so long and i wanted to get some input

I am 6'1"
10% bf

I got all the gear about 4 months ago from a good source! But i wanted to drop some weighr and body fat.
I was 238lbs and about 25%bf. Hard work + clean dieting got me to 195lbs and 10%bf

Goals are to gain some pure muscle and rip. I am keeping intensive work outs and a clean diet.

No one around me is on the gears so.e my only source of information is this forum. I am a bit paranoid on regards the Npp killing my libido. Is rhis most likely to happen with the npp?

I will be running this cycle for 10 weeks

Npp 1.6 / test cyp 1ml mon
Npp 1.6 only wed
Npp 1.6 / test cyp 1ml fri

Arimidex 5mg eod
Anavar 75mg ed


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