It's that time of year to transform yourself. Contest will start April 1 - You will need to post a pic with a sign "AMA 2014 Transformation Contest" with the date included in it. You will need to keep a log. Update pics would be good but at the very least A before and an after pic at the end will be the min. The contest will run 10-12 weeks. We're undecided on the length. So we will take a poll from the contestants to see what you guys would prefer once things get going. Remember, this isn't a most muscular or best physique contest. Its a transformation contest. So just because someone is shredded as fuck or a fucking monster, doesn't mean they got this shit in the bag. So to those that are hesitant to join because you feel your body or physique is sub par, here's your chance to transform your self into an AlphaMale or female. There will be one winner between ASF and IMF, not one winner from both. Sign up in the thread in the AMA sub forum.