Hey guys today my ancillaries finally arrived i didnt wanted to start without a full set so i waited. I started pinning today I am going to have it like that for next 14 weeks:
Weeks 1-6 2.5ml/week (500 Test, 500 EQ, 250 Tren)

Weeks 7-14 3ml/week (600 Test, 600 EQ, 300 Tren)
Weeks 1-6 Turinabol 60mg/day
HCG 250IU E3D for the last 2 months of the cycle
Proviron 1-6 week (25MG ED) 6-14 (50MG ED)
And PCT (start it 3 weeks after last injection) for 6 weeks:
Nolva 20/20/20/10/10/10
Clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25

I am also keeping some caber in hand for the worst case scenario. As i am total virgin to these compounds (EQ-Tren-Turinabol).
So nervous about tren but first injection went good so far. Even its enanthate and mix i was afraid a bit .. Do you think guys i can get tren cough from a mix product ?What kind of gains i can expect from this ? Every opinion and questions are welcome SPECIAL THANKS TO g0hardorgohome he helped me a lot with the cycle