Hello All,

I have been using these forum's for a few months now and have found them to be quite a resource so I decided to give back with an independent review of the IML Super DMZ 3.0 Stack that I purchased from Orbit which included:

Super DMZ 3.0 Rx (2 caps Divided Doses Daily) weeks 1-4
4-Andro Rx (2 caps Divided Doses Daily) weeks 1-4
Advanced Cycle Support Rx (2 caps AM Daily) weeks 1-8
Ultra Male Rx (1 cap daily) weeks 5-8
E-Control Rx (3 caps daily) weeks 5-8

(I also picked up a bottle of Liquid Clomi for weeks 5-8)

Here are my stats and backstory:

29 years old, 6'4" only started lifting this January. The picture below is me at 180 lbs in January and at the beginning of this DMZ cycle in March I am up to 198 lbs. I began my new year by completely changing my eating habits and I am now eating 3500 calories per day and a typical day for meals is:

3 eggs and 3 egg whites, Toast with peanut butter, Milk
Tuna sandwich, fruit, nuts
Protein shake with PB, Banana, and olive oil
Chicken/Beef/Tilapia dinner with salad and potatoes
Nuts/fruit snacks

Currently on day 4 of the cycle and have been feeling really good. I work out Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri every week doing full body compound exercises. I have gained 4 lbs so far and the biggest change is that I feel really pumped all day, muscles are rock solid and stamina in the gym is incredible. my goal is to hit 220lbs before balancing out for a few weeks then cutting the fat. No negative effects experienced thus far. Will do my best to keep this updated frequently.