I am new to the boards but i have been a faithful with aa for awhile now and i thought i would stop by and give a review of some of the items i have used with them. I am getting ready for a national bodybuilding show this summer and i cruise for life as well. so i started with some of aa test e 250 and at 300 mg a week was my sweet spot i ran for 6 weeks and kept all gains and even put a few more on. Which leads me to my next order i placed with them this was my last blast bulk before contest prep. i used 10 weeks worth of test e 250 at 750 mg a week and decca at 500 mg a week. I kickstarted the cycle with 4 weeks of dbol at 40 mg. I also throughout the cycle used aa aromasin at 12.5 mg ed. Result wise i went from 176 to 194. All lifts skyrocketed. I also feel like a 16 yr old boy again with my wife libido wise. I placed another order with them of more test e 250 that i will be running for 6 weeks at 300 mg for this cruise this is also the beginning of my contest prep about 17 weeks out. I also ordered enough test prop tren ace to blast for 8 weeks at 50 mg on each ed to lead me to my show. I got winny as well that ill run for the final 6 weeks into show. Just placed another order over the weekend of mast prop which i forgot to get when i placed order for prop tren. Order is processing right now. To sum up my story these guys are legit. There shipping time is amazing. Their communication is kick ass. The icing on the cake is their stuff is legit. I have noticed i think i bought out their mast prop which i hope they get back in soon just in case i wanna up my dose from 50 mg ed to more. Go to aa these guys are legit