wrecked my motorcycle. should i HGH?

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    wrecked my motorcycle. should i HGH?

    was doing about 60mph on my yamaha r6 when a suburban whipped out in front of me. ended up T-boning her. lucky to be alive.

    broke a couple ribs, and my leg is tore up. gonna be out of the gym for a good 6 months prob.

    my question is would a HGH regime be at all beneficial to the healing process? and to keep from losing what ive gained this past couple years?

    i need advice bros. thanks

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    the issue with HGH right now is its hard to find legit sources. I have a trustworthy source and just about all hygetropins are gone and riptropins are gone. If you find any right now thats not sold out there is a HUGE chance they are fake people are stock piling them because there has been a shortage which is why I am swapping over to HG HGH which cost allot more but i have seen more fakes pop up recently. Hygetropin does have the chinese originals, not the ones we are use to but they look different but they are impossible to find.

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