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Gyno Problem, help a brother out

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    Angry Gyno Problem, help a brother out

    Ok, let me try to make this quick. I am running homebrew test cyp currently at 1 gram per week(which I am about to drop to 750 or so maybe 800). Anyway was running airsealed2 exemestane at 12.5mg/day and it was doing ok but left nipple was hurting.

    Switched to blue sky peptide exemestane 12.5mg/day, 15mg/day, now 25mg/day and nolva at 20mg/day to take care of the nips and see if my ai wasn't good. Now left nip has mass growing behind it and still sore. Also small bb size hard lump in right nipple now. My mood is perfectly fine (good well being feeling just pissed about my nipple situation) and my sex drive ok but not what it should be.

    I posted this on asf and all advice I got was to take the nolva. How long should it take for nolva to start working? I've been taking it 6 days now. I'm hoping bluesky is good to go. I'm getting damn tired of this guessing bs.

    Any advice here? I'm about to just take letro at 2.5mg a day until this all goes away. And then even what source? I'm thinking chemone, ar-r or cemproducts? I just want a legit source for some good stuff.

    Thank you in advance

    EDIT: Just pm a good source if you KNOW theyre good, forgot there was no source talk here. Still would like advice though.
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