Low T... Question about running cycle

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    Low T... Question about running cycle

    I am 29 and was having hell getting rid of belly fat and felt tired all of the time. I had a pretty clean diet and was mixing lifting heavy and cardio.... I went to the doc and found of my total test level was 240 and free was 5.2. I was shocked that it was that low. He is now giving me 200mg Prop test every 2 weeks. I feel better, but am hoping he will up it a bit... Would it be ok to run extra Test P or Test E along with this? I was thinking 200mg on the week in between. Nothing to serious, but didnt know if it would be ok or worth my time... Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bj03sm View Post
    He is now giving me 200mg Prop test every 2 weeks.
    What? Your test level would be ZERO by day 14 if he is injecting you with 200 mg testosterone propionate on day one. That sounds like a horrible TRT plan. Find another doctor.

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