So I thought I'd vent for a min on here because these last few weeks just keep getting worse and worse and today just topped it all off. So first I've been stressed the fuck out and busy as fuck with starting my new business and cutting ties with my other business partners and getting away from that company I co own. Too many hands in our pockets with not enough of them generating a profit to where we should even cut them a check. So I'm done with that shit. Its bad enough I'm already paying someone's welfare check who's qualified to work yet would rather smoke crack and loose their kids to the system or turn them into worthless hood rat gang bangers. Then my lupus starts flaring up and have days where I can't even get out of bed to eat let alone try and run my new business. My blood pressure had been through the roof from it and I've had to get back on my blood thinners so I don't get a clot and was in the hospital for a couples days because of the lupus. So since last thur I've felt great, back in the gym, continuing my cycle, killing shit at work and in the gym and then BAM!! I re break my fucking wrist again. A lot of you know that I had reconstructive surgery on my wrist last march to pin the bones back together and fuse the ligaments back to the bones. Well all that surgery and recovery I just went through was all for nothing. So now my cycle comes to an end in the beginning of the ninth week (out of a 20 week cycle). I'm out of the gym now for probably another 6-8 months and have to go through the whole bullshit process again all the while trying to do my duties for my MC and running my new company. I'd mention here, but this shit is easy. This month sucked ass. The year started out fucking awesome then this month hit. Fuck you end of feb and march. Same shit happened last year. Shit was going great then I broke my wrist feb 28th. Fuck it, my rants done. Time to just deal with it and move forward.