Take a look at our very own TexxGears line. It ships internationally and is reasonably priced. I have yet to have a single complaint in the 2 1/2 years it has been advertised. All of you can take a look. Our TexxGears line I put confidence in when saying that this is one of the best lab lines that is UGL you can purchase in todays market. I say this because I know personally it is a sterile accurately dosed product. With that being said it is just as good as any other UGL out there. What we have done is we have put together in our TexxGears section "CYCLE STACKS". They are pre-made cycles available for purchase. We also have individual TexxGears line products to be purchased by themselves. We also produce "Combo Texx" vials which are single 10ml vials with a combination of different steroids inside! I will show you all the Injectable section and the Oral section. In these 2 sections we have plenty of products from cycle stacks, HGH, to IGF-1. The oral section has plenty too. TexxGears Line Injectable Section: http://www.texxgears.eu/index.php?ro...h=60_74&page=1 TexxGears Line Oral Section: http://www.texxgears.eu/index.php?ro...ry&path=59_107