I just got blood work back. I pin AY test E 150 mgs 2 x a week (300 mgs total).
I can post all 6 pages but dont have time right now and most of it is all good anyway. So ill just ask what stands out to me. Just want to know if my high numbers on certain things are dangerous long term or just a little high. Input from TRT users would be greatly appreciated, or anyone that gets regular bloodwork, esspecialy Heavyiron or other mods. Thanks in advance guys.

Total test: 5743 normal range: 241-827

Hemoglobin: 18.4 normal range: 13.2-17.1
Hematocrit: 55.0 normal range: 38.5-50.0

AST: 48 normal range: 10-40
ALT: 35 normal range: 9-46

I also have proteinuria which came back negative to my suprise. But here are my kidney blood test results.
By far the most important to me.

Urea nitrogen (BUN) 17 mg/dl normal range: 7-25
Creatinine 1.01 mg/dl normal range: 0.60-1.35
eGFR Non-AFR. American 99 normal range: > OR = 60
eGFR African American 114 normal range: > OR = 60
BUN/Creatinine Ratio non applicable normal range: 6-22

everything else was in normal range and I'm white by the way. so I guess only the non african american eGFR matters? And why is my BUN/Creatinine N/A? Ill ask my doc but have to schedule an appt.