contest brothers need a tip

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    contest brothers need a tip

    whats up bros. i just started contest prep for pa state championship in july. last 8 weeks ill be running tren ace test prop mast prop 50/50/50 ed. last 6 weeks ill be running winny at 40mg ed. everything i am running will be right through the show now the test the last 2 weeks ill drop to 25mg ed. in addition ill be running aromasin 12.5mg ed. my question i wanna run hcg 1000iu a week till 2 weeks because there are cases of water. after the show how much should i blast since im discontinuing 2 weeks before show. Also fyi i am cruising on 300 mg of test e a week till the 8 week blast. trt for life

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    After the show resume HCG at 500 iu twice weekly.

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