Had a problem with grip, dexterity and general strength in extremities for about three years now (coupled with generally shit knees, hip joints feel creaky and bad ankle joints). Have been to orthopedics, neurophysiology, rheumatology, ect and no problems in these areas at all. Doc diagnosed tendonitis before any referal to various hospital departments three years ago. Took 3 years off from lifting weights and 17 months off work and still nothing...just getting worse. They tried me on naproxen (nsaid) which worked for a while and I thought finally it was all over and now, steadily, the symptoms are creeping back... I've had enough.

I'm gonna run thymosin beta 4 at 2mg twice weekly (4mg week) for 6 weeks and then the recommended maintenance dosing for three months and then stop to watch for symptoms to see if I need to continue with the treatment or if it's worth the bother at all. My order was shipped today by the supplier so I'll keep this as updated as possible. Hopefully help someone in a similar situation maybe.

Any tips/help/advice from members who've used this would be more than welcome.