My other half has recently completed a comp in the last couple of weeks.

She'd been running var @ 20mg and nolva @ 20mg (with 60mcg clen/ 50mcg t3 as fat burners).

Unknown to me, we had run out of nolva a day or two post comp and we had 5 or so days without it til the new pack arrived. She had a water rebound as a result (she only had as small post show set of meals, no binge).

She's now back on it and has been on for 2-3 days. Water retreating but she isn't as hard as she has been. Water is mainly lower stomach and back. Next comp is toward the end of April, about 5-6 weeks, and one in early May.

I assume we can get her back to her original level of hardness within the next couple of weeks with the replacement nolva?

She's normally hard and dry with veins across forearms, shoulders and ab's. Arms are still dry and veiny, shoulders too, ab's are soft and no veins.

Diet is pro/fat during day, 50g CHO around training, and 50g CHO post training meal and repeat, total of 1500 or so cals a day.

I ask for us as we have to book tickets/hotel and clearly she won't want to compete if its unlikely she's as hard as she can be?

Thanks in advance.