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First Cycle - Epistane - Back Pumps - Advice

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    First Cycle - Epistane - Back Pumps - Advice

    Hey guys, here to hopefully get some tips and suggestions from you guys with the cycle I am currently running.

    I am on my 4th week of epi-strong.. goal is lean mass gains and to drop some body fat. First 2 weeks were 30mg a day, and then bumped to 45mg the last 2 weeks. Plan is to bump to 60mg a day for the last 2 weeks. Everything is going great for the most part.. except for 1 thing. Back pumps!

    They bother primarily on Leg and Back Days. Squatting, Deadlifting, or any type of bent over row is nearly impossible. I also play in a competitive basketball league twice per week, and the pain I get while playing is paralyzing. Can't move and just have to lay down and stretch. So what do you guys suggest to help alleviate these?

    Right now, I take 10mg a Taurine twice per day. Once in the morning, and the second before working out or playing basketball. Also taking potassium through out the day.. and am drinking plenty of water.. close to 2 gallons a day. That's what my research says to do, but nothing is seeming to help.

    Hoping some of you may have some tricks up your sleeve to help me out a bit. Thank you all so much!

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    You probably won't get much didn't read the rules, post stats, goals, etc.

    Please post the necessary info or else I'll have to close the thread. Thanks man.


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    Sorry about that, here is the info you need

    1. 27

    2. 5'10, 200, 12%

    3. I have been lifting since I was 16.

    4. This is my first cycle

    5. Training is 1 body part per day. I lift 5 times a week. Cardio 3-4 times a week. Also play basketball. Diet is typical. High Protein, moderate carbs and fats. Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Whey, Oats, Rice, Olive Oil, Nuts, ect..

    6. Goal for my cycle is to put on some strength and a bit of muscle mass, and drop a few pounds of fat.

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    High taurine dosage and a few gals of water.

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    I believe you said you were taking 10mg's twicw per day, maybe a typo...Bro you need at least 2 grams a day, then the back pumps will alleviate....
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    First Cycle - Epistane - Back Pumps - Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by sneedham View Post
    I believe you said you were taking 10mg's twicw per day, maybe a typo...Bro you need at least 2 grams a day, then the back pumps will alleviate....
    Gotta be a typo bro.

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    Possibly a potassium supplement may offer some relief.

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