When AMA arrived on the scene they introduced themselves with a post. They told the members who they were and what to expect from them, along with their commintment to the members. I'm sure no one would dispute that they have done exactly what they promised and have gone above that. With so many sponsors they paved a new path and did things their own way. The Alpha way! Many followed suit copying thier contests, sales and some even copied their VIP/Avatar programs but they remained the source others copied, the original. Most of you guys know me and know I can be a little quick to snap and i remember taking this as a slap in the face. The Crew told me to let it be and reminded me that immitation was a form of flattery and that it was good for the board. They knew no one could touch their quality and just saw it as a good thing for the members to be able to have sources trying to better themselves and told me to relax. As others caught up to them and copied their style, they were always ahead of the curve, making changes and improving their products with upgraded lines, all the while keeping prices affordable. I say all this because i have been proud to represent them here and i think they have done a lot for the boards and its members in many different ways. For those that have never had the chance to use them, its safe to say you missed out on some amazing quality.

There are some BIG chages coming in the future that will be announced at a later date. For now I hope you guys and girls enjoy following along or better yet participating in the Transformation contest. I have not been given all the details of their plans but i was told this will be their last gift to the boards.

I would like to thank all AMA supporters, reps and of course our die hard VIPS.

I have been instructed to have ALL VIPS pm one of the reps. Your loyalty and support is about to pay off