some background
im 5'11" as of now i weigh around 212lb, bf% idk
ive got one cycle under my belt : 500mgs test for 12 weeks and 40mgs dbol for 4 weeks, i made good gains but my diet was so sloppy i feel like i cheated myself, i finished my cycle weighing around 220lb dropped the water and a little bf now im weighing 212 ready to take this shit seriously !
photo-7.PNG212lbsphoto-6.JPGammo!!!!!!!cycle will be
weeks 1-16 300mgs of test prop a week
weeks 1-10 300mgs of npp a weeks
weeks 10-16 375mgs of tren ace a week
weeks 10-16 50mgs of proviron ed
also might throw in some clen towards the end
this should be epic!!!!!! next stop 240lb !!!!!