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First Cycle Lab Test Results

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    First Cycle Lab Test Results

    Stats: 24 yrs old, around 200lbs, around 20% bf, first cycle in week 7 out of 10.

    Test E 500 mgs a week
    Dbol 50mgs ed
    Aromasin 10mgs eod

    Last injection was 3/12 @ 250mgs, aromasin was taken the night of 3/14 @ 10mgs. Test was done 10am the following morning of 3/15. Info on test is wrong, I did fast 12 hrs prior to blood drawn.

    Looks like I need to up my aromasin to ed, estrogen is 144.

    Testosterone is 1474. Is this seem reasonable for 500mgs a week of Test E.

    Couple questions I had is it common for ASL and AST values to be elevated when on an oral but not the other liver enzymes? Also, why is my MCH and MCHC low? My RBC seems to be in normal range.

    Any other input or observations, please share. It's my first cycle and my first blood test so I would appreciate all feedback.
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