I'd like to say first off I know my situation isn't as bad as it could be and that I'm just looking for advice because I don't know where to turn.

Recently my home life has taken a turn for the worse, 22 years old, sibling addicted to drugs and tore my family apart. Parents split up and I was kicked out and forced to stay with a relative for a while, now living with my father and we don't get a long. I was in college at the time but had to drop out due to this all happening. Now I'm struggling to get on my feet and support myself. I have no savings, all the money I earn off the books goes to my food and gas. I can't live with my father much longer and things don't look good. I've tried applying to over 100 local jobs in my area, gyms/shopping stores/food marts etc. Nothing is coming up. Now I'm left with no college degree and I am unable to find a job. I really need some help, How can I get a decent paying job and support myself? I really have no idea where to start or what to do, I'm nervous things are going to end up badly. I know this may sound moronic, just looking for some decent advice.