first im 40, 6ft,210 lbs,13%bf ...training long time,done ph and ds cycles,2aas-first just test e 500 but had to cut it short after week 5 due to car crash,second -teste 500mg
for 12 weeks with tbol kicker for wk 1 to 5,adex .5 eod.
so im planning my next cycle,
teste 500/600mg wk 1 to 12
test prop wk 1 o 5 (75x3)
var wk 6 to 12 50-80ed(got some jintani from a mate,he loved it)
adex .5 eod wk 1-12
pct:nolva 20/20/10/10/10
clomid 100(4 days)50/50/25/25/25
was thinking tapered dose adex or would aromasin be better from week 13 till 16 ,someone suggested proviron from week 12 into pct?

so any imput welcome....